GloryBox Mechanics

by Andrew Winton

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Multiple award-winning West Australian musician, Andrew Winton, is excited to announce the upcoming release of his new album, GloryBox Mechanics. This is the first album since the highly successful release ‘Happy’ (late 2011), and Andrew is preparing for a series of national festivals and album launch concerts to celebrate.

The new album is partly inspired by the Winton grandfather, who was a vaudeville and touring musician, and who Andrew discovered was also a drummer (where Andrew started in music) and then a lap-slide style guitar player (Andrew only found out this out about his grandfather after he started playing lap style himself!) – an old photo of him has been hidden away in the artwork for the new album (wonderfully created by Perth-based Insomnia Design). GloryBox Mechanics explores the concept of a special box of treasures kept over time, things that are shiny, broken, forgotten, closely remembered, secret, accidental, painful, joyous, funny…juxtaposing the traditional feminine idea of the keeping of a glorybox with the traditional male pastime of being a mechanic…and how the feminine and masculine coexist and come together in how we hold, hide, tinker with, fix or celebrate, our memories. GloryBox Mechanics is a celebration of the range of human experience and shared human beauty and foibles, and how (in the words of Richard Rohr) “everything belongs”.

GloryBox Mechanics features eight original tracks, with two covers, ‘Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner’ (Warren Zevon) and ‘In My Father’s House’ (Eric Bibb). Many of the tracks on the album feature the unique 13-stringed, double neck, Alabama cypress tree root lap-slide beast (known as The Lucky 13) designed for Andrew by US based company ‘Don’t Fret Instruments’. Overall the album is a blend of blues/roots, jazz influenced folk songs and an attempt by Andrew to capture his solo acoustic live sound. Some audience favourite songs from the live shows that appear on the album include: a reworking of ‘Can’t Slow Down’, a reflection on the haste of modern life, the infectious ‘Let It Go’ which explains itself, the joyously fun ‘Socks and Sandals’ (see if you can pick the nod to Steely Dan), the tongue in cheek chance meeting with someone who likes to complain at the bus-stop in ‘Me No Complain’, love creeping in on ‘Right On Time’, an instrumental tribute to a dear friend’s beautiful federation home in Albany, WA & the friendship shared there ‘The Pink Palace’, the soul/gospel groove of ‘What You Heard’, and a song inspired in part by Andrew’s experience of raising a child with some special needs ‘Our Best’ – although fortunately real life is not as grim as the song.


released November 20, 2015

GloryBox Mechanics was recorded by Kieren Kenderessy over 1 week at Loop Studios in Perth, and features Andrew playing Lucky-13 lap slide guitar (tracks 2, 3, 5, & 7), Gibson 1939 Mastertone lap-slide (track 9), acoustic and electric guitar, as well as lead and backing vocals, percussion, xylophone, piece of paper drumkit (track 4), and various body parts. Karen Winton steps in on backing vocals on tracks 4 & 6. Mastered by William Bowden (King Willy Sound), mastering engineer for many Australian artists such as Gotye.
Artwork by Insomnia Design


all rights reserved



Andrew Winton Perth, Australia

Multi award-winning songwriter and lap slide specialist Andrew Winton is known for his on-stage warmth, humour, and stellar musicianship. He is also recognised for his diverse musical styles with influences ranging through blues/roots to jazz. Andrew has toured extensively, and was named the Australian Songwriter of the Year 2012 by the Australian Songwriter’s Association in conjunction with APRA. ... more

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Track Name: Let It Go
Let It Go

Well you’ve been running and hiding
worrying about the weather too long
It’s now for launching the life boats and getting away from the storm
They say time does its healing but then healing never does its time.
You’ve got to let it go

Let it go

Well you’ve been twisting and turning,
changing up your colours again
Look at that peacock, he’s greying,
fogging up the mirror till he can’t say when
Welcome to your mid-life crisis, just don’t go on about it all day long.
And try and let it go

Let it go

Still worried what they’re gonna do,
still worried what they’re gonna say
Trust that feeling inside, find someone to confide, it’s always a brand new day

Well you’ve been sitting in that pew too long,
eating every single word
Well it’s time for your red letter day,
not everything is what you thought you had heard
You’re so obsessed with your absolution,
even God’s starting to roll his eyes
Saying, why don’t you let it go

Let it go
Track Name: Me No Complain
Me No Complain

Well everyone’s got, an axe to grind
If you don’t, then one I will find
Cos’ I got plenty, to share with you
Seeing as you’re stuck with me, don’t mind if I do
Over diagnosed kids and traffic jams
Bearded hipsters pushing 4 - wheel drive prams
I think out loud, what a crying shame
But you know…me no complain

Political, correctness gone mad
Coffee prices, worst we’ve ever had
Floods of boat people, the cultural elite
Steal it away from man on the street
But I’ve already, made you miss your train
And besides…me no complain

Everything you need to know is on a blog somewhere
Like talkback radio, transparent and fair
But don’t put all the facts in the story for me
The truth will make you miserable, before it sets you free.

Well apologies, for taking up your time
Truth be told, I guess we’re doing fine
It’s just some people, don’t wanna take the blame
And I’m not, racist, sexist, Baptist or leftist

So…me no complain.
Track Name: Right On Time
Right On Time

Again she was changing her dating site profile
Still looking for someone to make this all worthwhile
But she was tired, that empty merry-go-round
And it goes round and round and round

Then he appeared knocking at her door
He’d been renovating the upstairs 2nd floor
His face looked worried ‘is this a bad time’
She said believe, believe, believe

You know you were right on time this time
Take it as a sign, right on time, right on time this time

All night they were calling, an empty credit line
But they just couldn’t pay up was serious this time
Again they were desperate ‘what are we going to do’
And they went round and round and round

Her brother called them right out of the blue
But this is the last time what do I have to do
Can only give you a little you’re on your own this time
And they said believe, believe, believe

We will be right on time this time
To get us to that line, right on time, right on time

Alone for the weekend its all too much this time
He just couldn’t take it can feel the finish line
And that’s when she texted ‘is this a bad time’
And he said believe, believe, believe
Track Name: What You Heard
What You Heard

Never mind what you heard, never mind what they say
Never mind what you heard, they’re gonna’ do it anyway

Kill em’ with kindness, rub it in
They’ll think you’ve lost it for sure
It’s going to infuriate them, but they’ll be coming back for more
That weapon of mass destruction, just below you nose
Like any good addiction, hard to resist I suppose

You can’t go back or push the time
It’s here you’ll have to stay
They’ll move on to the next casualty
And have their next field day
You got no time for school yard games
And the energy they require
Just keep your place in the dancing line
But move to the tune you most require, most desire

Well its going to be ok
The dust will will settle the same old way
Bide your time, look for the sign to say

Never mind what you heard, never mind what they say
Never mind what you heard, they’re gonna’ do it anyway
Track Name: Socks and Sandals
Socks and Sandals

Nothing can hold a candle to the fashion tip of the 21st century

A cultural gift from Europe and UK
doesn’t matter if you’re straight or if you’re gay
But I bet you any money any day
socks and sandals are gonna be here to stay

Doesn’t matter if you’re young or if you’re old
doesn’t matter if you’re hot or if you’re cold
You don’t have to wear your best pair of shoes
but you sure want it easy on the bottom of you

Socks and sandals
Worn by Fashion vandals
Socks and sandals
Nothing can hold a candle to the fashion tip of the 21st century

You can wear them in or you can wear them out
that’s what Socks and Sandals is all about
In the boardroom and even on the street
you’ll get the eye from everyone you meet
Every middle aged man on every city block
showin’ a bit of leather and just a hint of sock
Ladies you know you want it too, ditch those high heels,
it’s fleece foot fashion for you

Socks and sandals
Too hip to handle
Socks and sandals

Its a combination, had its share of damnation,
Forget your social station, an egalitarian creation

Once you try you’ll never take them off
you’ll never get tinea and never catch a cough
Think of the money you will save
And when you pop your clogs you can wear them to your grave

Socks and sandals
Too hip to handle
Socks and sandals

I ain’t gonna do it, without my socks and sandals on
Track Name: Can't Slow Down (Redux)
Can’t Slow Down
Sometimes when my weary brain hits the bed
I feel I’m in a crowded cinema
Like an all night, re-run movie marathon
But I want some peace and quiet instead

Sometimes when I kneel down to pray
To the Holy Ghost, Father, Son
My inner secretary starts to stray
To remind me what I haven’t done

I can’t slow down
I really wanna
Sniff the flowers meet the neighbours that I never see
I can’t slow down
But I want more in my life than me

I thought successful people learnt to inhale their food
While finishing sentences for you
Re-drafting novels on their mobile phones
And satisfying their partners in a minute or two...lucky you
Track Name: Our Best
Our Best

In the dark of the morning, around a hospital bed
The baby was crying, “let me see him”, she said
And they were so happy, wide like a dream
We’ll do our best, he’ll be what he will be

But they did not know, how hard it would seem
We’ll do our best, be what it will be

In time they noticed, he was different somehow
And what his mind and body could not allow
He’d never spoken until he was five
Years of doctors, fighting and worry just to keep him alive

Not what they’d imagined, and they could not see
We’ll do our best, be what it will be

They could remember pure moments of joy
Entwined in constant routine around their changing boy
But everyday was a struggle, every year a trial
Even now, he was no longer a child

And they knew, how hard it could be
For them to survive, the joys, pain and monotony
We’ll do our best, we’ll be what we will be

They couldn’t stay together, but he kept them entwined
When the final news came fortitude they’d find
After the service, his body taken away
They stood there together and he heard her quietly say

I did not know, how hard this would be
He was our best, sorrow in love manifest,
well he knew our best
And we knew how this would be

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