by Andrew Winton

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Andrew Winton - Happy
Building on the success of Surface Tension (2009), Andrew Winton has announced the release of his highly anticipated fourth studio album, Happy, along with a bunch of national tour dates to celebrate. Gaining world-wide recognition for his stellar lap-slide guitar playing and unique collaborative instrument designs, one of WA’s most hard working independent musicians has produced another diverse and captivating album, with a focus on capturing the essence of his live shows.

The new album features the beautiful and unique Lucky 13 double-neck, 13-string lap slide guitar made for Andrew by Don’t Fret Instruments (Alabama, USA). This amazing guitar is crafted out of a cypress tree root from the Sipsey River in Alabama, and it’s distinctive sound is perfect for the exceptional complexity of Andrew’s playing. Happy features eleven well-honed tracks, including the rootsy & infectious lead single Happy, old-school blues in I Think It Means Something, a brooding alt-country revival in When This All Comes Down, throat singing, beatboxing and scatting in the surprising Mr Dudley, and a tasty live cover of Lou Reed’s Walk On The Wildside.

Achieved 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, & 7th place in the Folk/Acoustic category of the Australian Songwriter’s Awards 2012; 1st place in the Instrumental category of the ASA Awards 2012; and 3rd & 8th place in the Rock/Indie category, with nearly all songs from this album, Happy, achieving a place.


released December 2, 2011

Recorded, mixed & mastered by James Newhouse over 5 days at Real2Reel studio. Tracks 3, 4, 9, & 11 recorded live in studio.

Andrew Winton – acoustic guitar, lap-slide & Lucky 13 lap guitar, drums, stompbox, percussion, vocals, amateur throat singing!

Paul Novosel – drums track 4
Karen Winton – backing vocals tracks 6 & 10

The Lucky 13 double neck 13-string lap guitar made by Jack Dudley at Don’t Fret Instruments, appears on tracks 6, 7, 8. 10, & 11.

Design by Insomnia Design
Inside cover photo by Hank Kordas


all rights reserved



Andrew Winton Perth, Australia

Multi award-winning songwriter and lap slide specialist Andrew Winton is known for his on-stage warmth, humour, and stellar musicianship. He is also recognised for his diverse musical styles with influences ranging through blues/roots to jazz. Andrew has toured extensively, and was named the Australian Songwriter of the Year 2012 by the Australian Songwriter’s Association in conjunction with APRA. ... more

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Track Name: Happy
I'm so happy, happy, happy, happy, happy
I'm so happy now
It's not every day that I feel this way
But I'm so happy now

I feel like giving, more than receiving
I feel like living, more than achieving
Right here, and right now
Is where I want to be


Living your future, sinking in your past
Won't make these moments, really last
It's a connection, the deepest kind
It's where I want to be


It's a joy, outside of you
It's a feeling, that's overdue
For this moment, here with you
Is where I want to be
Track Name: Too High
Too High

You distil your spirit through the pill and through the bottle
Somehow tryin to fool yourself
Or you place your pain onto the altar but you falter
Always trying to fool yourself
This is your brand new day, least it was anyway
But you got distracted what your little voice had to say

I got to know, got to have it, but it's much too high
Got to know, understand it, it's much too high
Got to know, got to have it, but it's much too high
So close, just to grab it, it's too high

Tried to educate myself from reading and feeding on a knowledge that was not in school
Went into the desert, not present to the solitude
To make me a holy fool
But you know deep down, you're that circus clown
Keeping people happy 'til you move on to another town


This is your brand new day, die and rise the same way
Two steps forward one back, seems the order of the play

Track Name: I Think It Means Something
I Think It Means Something

The more that I learn, well the less that I know
The quicker it is, it seems to make me go slow
The higher I fly, makes me want to lay low
I think it means something

The more that I have, the more anxious I get
More busy I am, you know I'm no safe bet
The more distracted I am, I tend to forget
I think it means something

Whatever it is, whatever you see
Every new morning is a miracle to me
Whoever they are in joy or misery I think it means something

I may be lonely but I'm never alone
May be exiled but I'm always at home
May be the master but you're always on loan
I think it means something
The baby's bathwater went a long time ago
He's finally grown up and now he just won't go
I'm glad he's hung around cos' he's teaching me to show
I think it means something
Track Name: Disappointed

Well here we go again, on the same old roundabout
And woe is me, am I in or am I out?
Time's marching along, in the world of the adult games
But you can't go wrong, you got everyone else to blame

But you're so disappointed
You don't even know what you have
So disappointed
Wave to the passing parade of the disappointed

It's always shoulda' woulda' coulda' why don't ya
Or drawing the lines in the truth
The dream that was an ache, now played out by the young man next to you
Can't you see, the greener grass will have to be mowed
And growth will be, from the seeds of doubt you have sowed

But you're so disappointed
You don't even know what you have
So disappointed
You can watch it later on TV with the disappointed
You've got to find a way, you've got to find a way

And at this point right now, you know I can't see
Everything that's in front of me

But you're so disappointed
You don't even know what you have
So disappointed, you don't even know what you have
So disappointed, watch it later on TV
or got to find a way
You got to find a way, you've got to find a way
Track Name: Waiting

Half past eleven she knew that he would walk in
Every morning that brief fantasy would begin
She thought somehow he could know
But he'd smile politely and then he'd go

Wife lays in bed hears his early morning return
She knows where he's been and inside she is starting to burn
How long can all this go on?
Thinking how all this went wrong

But I...will always be waiting
I will always be waiting...for you

Out in the street again screaming to just keep away
The habit returning was turning his night into day
How long can all this go on?
People would say you're so strong

But I...will always be waiting...

Procedures and papers to prove that you can start again
But they'd tired of trying to wait for their lives to begin

But I... will always be waiting
Track Name: Into His Arms Again
Into His Arms Again

He was the best thing, that ever happened to her
Another castle in the suburbs, this frontier mining town
Again she sensed it, she'd been here before
A moment briefly shown, she had tried to ignore
Fly in fly out let him drink for a day or two
Plenty of time to work it out...while she fell

Into his arms again

Sometimes the best thing, when he is away
She'll change him, change them, find a way to keep the money going
But things were getting bad, violence met his rage
Neighbours quietly asking if she's ok, and she said
I'll make it easier for him when I know he'll be around
If things start up just go to ground...and we'll fall

Into his arms again

Feel it tonight this time that he had gone too far
She sensed his world was going to fall
Struggle and pain so fast but inside time stood still
Her carrion call, alone she'd fall

When it happened, lifetimes of pain
Transformed in a moment, such a true embrace
And in her knowing, time stands still
She knew she fell, she knew she fell

Into his arms again
Track Name: When This All Comes Down
When This All Comes Down

We've been waiting for a rain
Wishing and a praying
Hoping you'll be here for when this all comes down
Looking for a sign
Beg a little more
Keeping that death from creeping 'round our door

We were offered up that water from hidden wells
A little taste of heaven, little taste of hell
But we should have kept on travelling all those years ago
Cos' we trade our souls for the water of the well and a thirst we've come to know

That water fed the tree of life know how that story goes
We were snake handlers' children but know-one really knows
It was the finest water your lips would ever taste
But the more we drank that desert drank us from all time and space

That wilderness of silence, wilderness of pain
We would move onto to new places than where this story came
No dreaming found in this dead heart and never will again
Cos' we'll all be slaves to the water of the well till our lives come to an end

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