The Decompression Chamber

by Andrew Winton

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Andrew Winton's second full-length studio album, with an array of award-winning songs. This is an independent release, distributed by MGM distribution Australia.


released February 6, 2006

Produced by Andrew Winton and Dave Parry. Engineered and mixed by Dave Parry "In The Room Studio". Mastered by James Hewgill. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues recorded live at the Fly By Night Club, Fremantle, Western Australia, 2004, for ABC Radio National's Music Deli program - recorded by Chris White and mixed by John Galbraith. Design and artwork by Eddie Robless at Adopt Design. Photography by Andrew and Karen Winton.

Andrew Winton - Acoustic, lap steel, dobro, 7-string "Wintonbeast" guitars, electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, stompbox, xylophone, vocals.
Karen Winton - Vocals
Peter Grayling - Cello (tracks 5 & 11)
Ian Simpson - Banjo (track 8)

The "Wintonbeast" 7-string lap guitar is a unique creation made by Dave Worthy of Worthy Guitars, Australia.

All music and lyrics by Andrew Winton except Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (Skip James), Baby Please Don't Go (McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters), and Black is the Colour of my True Love's Hair (traditional).


all rights reserved



Andrew Winton Perth, Australia

Multi award-winning songwriter and lap slide specialist Andrew Winton is known for his on-stage warmth, humour, and stellar musicianship. He is also recognised for his diverse musical styles with influences ranging through blues/roots to jazz. Andrew has toured extensively, and was named the Australian Songwriter of the Year 2012 by the Australian Songwriter’s Association in conjunction with APRA. ... more

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Track Name: Number's Down
Number’s Down

Let me tell you something
I think you should know
You’d better have something when your number’s down
Be temporary or forever bound
You better be ready when your number’s down

Number’s down

Some got connections on which they can call
Some in denial when they hear that sound
Some got religion, but like a pillow to fall
He might find you sleeping when your number’s down

Number’s down

Some got tradition
With wisdom abound
But answers seek questions when you’re lost and found
Life patterns are truthful
And firmly bound
So just take your number when your number’s down

Number’s down
Track Name: Ain't Gonna Get It

Boy running home in a daze
Wants the supermodel in the yo-yo craze
Mother’s purse had nothing inside
Indignatious talking on his mother he tried
Givin’ it up, givin’ it up
But you ain’t gonna get your way
Givin’ it up, givin’ it up
You don’t love me he say
She turns around
Sits right down
Reaching for the cigarettes
This is the day that you earn your way
Find out how fun life gets

Aint’ gonna get it
Ain’t gonna have it
Your brother’s off having a good time
But you ain’t gonna get it
Aint’ gonna get it
I aint’ gonna give it
Don’t you think it’s about time
That you ain’t gonna get it

Businessman cooks up a deal
A hotel on the beach that could earn him a steal
Government he tries to bribe
Supernaut connections the political tribe
Givin’ it up, givin’ it up
But it ain’t gonna work this time
Lawyers took the money, cut down in his prime
A heart attack was well on the way
Was the best TV performance you would see in your day

On heaven’s escalator all day
Saw his friends going the other way
Finally arrived at the door
But the bell-boy he was laughing he could take no more
Track Name: A Perfect Time

You picked a perfect time for a leaving
You picked a wonderful time to go
You picked a perfect time for leaving me
to burn down slow.

They said I should have seen it all coming
Should have read those signs
But a dream world we were living
Like other people, another time
But I’ve still got your lifelines all over me
You describe as fading scars
Did you just farewell fond habit?
What ‘d you expect me to say?

It’s so strange when we set our own universe
Arrange the planets to where we can see
That big bang comes like a fist on your chess game
Good God could never happen to me
I want you to see

So get on with that messed up bed you’ve made
As we sign up our tenants of pain
Yeah I know we got our lives for moving on, we’re moving on
And it won’t be the same
Track Name: Too Hard Again

You speak your new year’s resolutions
But find somehow yourself at the start again
You feel you need absolution
But find a new obsession to take the fear away

You try a reinterpretation
Of all you have breathed and fought and figured out
So hard to repeat a revelation
‘Coz it comes in the whisper and not the shout

But it’s too hard to think about
It’s too hard again
You wait till tomorrow, again

He said, “the poor will always be with us”
But I found that I never wanted to be with them
We know through the small we can turn big round
But find a new obsession to carry the guilt today

Tireless exchanges, who’s in and who’s out
Building and breaking of hope and of doubt
False accusations the gulf opens wide
The left and the right and those trapped inside
Defending a truth that’s discerned by its pride....

You don’t have to let it touch you
You need spaces to unwind
Keep on with your backyard renovations
‘Coz sometimes it is all too hard
Track Name: Lucky Boy

Have you ever stopped to see that little trail you’ve made in history
It looks so small
I’ve received the day spurned the time
Simple happy about my place in line yeah I’m a lucky boy
You know I can feel I can see the inside on the out of me
I hope you hear hope you know someone with more yes than no
I’m a lucky boy

Young girl rises for the day sixteen hours until that needed pay
It’s got to last a while
She starts a letter reads it loud hope that family still they’re gonna be proud
And she starts to smile
You know she can feel she can see her rewriting destiny
They will understand and know yes was harder than her no
She’s a lucky girl

You know the simple happy is hard to find
The clearest view can sometimes be so blind be so blind
If you pull the power from their toys
A simple gift for those complex girls and boys
And take a look around
There are ways to listen ways to see the inside on the out of me
Track Name: Pretend

His watch said he was late again
Lights down he would bring her round the bend
So confused with the two worlds he had to stand

She knew it was the time to go
Can’t take another word, can’t take another blow
But how and where would they all go

How could it be so wrong
When the connection was way too strong

I could pretend

He’s staring at the desk where his life be
So this is what’s become like the sum of me
Every minute on the habit and the wishing tree

You know, you know you can’t let yourself out
Twenty years of darkened closets pain and doubt
Think she would go such a long way about

How could it be so wrong
But their judgement was loud and strong

I could pretend

How could it be so wrong
When connection is oh so strong

I could pretend
Track Name: Moving On

You remind me of someone
Someone I used to see
That face in an old school album next to me
It’s that fantasy reunion
You sometimes played in your head
You list your life’s successes but stay home instead.

Because you’re moving on
And it has been so long
Moving on
Moving again

Some fulfil their early callings
Or try and reinvent themselves
Some are just late bloomers still scanning the shelves
There are some things I’ve held onto
Held on for way too long
But now I’ve got that feeling of moving on

Moving on
And it can feel so strong
Moving on
Moving again
Moving on
Different lyric but familiar song
Moving on
Moving on again

The fortitude that will get you through, got you moving on, got you moving on
You saw a pattern you never knew and you’re moving on, got you moving on
It’s the mourning of letting go, when you’re moving on, when you’re moving on

When your history’s repeating
You catch yourself and smile
But if it feels not worth deleting, you know that you’re…
Track Name: Let You In

We won’t let you in
We’d rather wallow in our pity sin
Don’t trust religion, you don’t know where it’s been

When I lay down to sleep
I pray for my shopping list to keep
And when I kneel down to pray
I pray in the most particular way

But I won’t let you in
I got to wallow in my pity sin
Don’t trust religion, you don’t know where it’s been

Went down in the valley one day
Saw old devil on my way
He said you lost ten dollar and you found five cent
No room for you in the mercy tent

He said don’t you let him in
You got to wallow in your pity sin
Don’t trust religion, you don’t know where it’s been

I cried why, I cried Lord, why
Do you send hard times upon me
He said you know these things I do not do
But I’m here in the hard times and what you’re gonna do
And I cried mercy, I cried mercy

I’m gonna let you in
Don’t want to wallow in my pity sin
Don’t know where it’s going
But I know where it’s been

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